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Owner—Alison Anton
Local-Food Advocate, Cooking Instructor

Blue Hen Cookies was “baked into being” by a fortuitous happenstance. While on hold from teaching during the pandemic, I thought I’d use the precious time to experiment with Idaho wheat flour.

​Scottish shortbread was my first tester because of its simplicity. (Or maybe because I thought my Scottish ancestry would be a lucky charm?)

​I tested the cookies against a batch I made with my favorite “go-to” all-purpose flour. To my happy astonishment, each bite of the Idaho shortbread won hands down in flavor, texture and all-around deliciousness.

​That original recipe paved the way for our signature Blue Hen shortbread using local organic herbs from small farms, local real-cream butter, and of course, Idaho wheat flour.

The Blue Hen Mission

We commit to using at least 70 percent local Idaho ingredients in all our cookies.

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